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Sierrasil Joint Formula 14 - 180 Capsules

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SierraSil Joint Formula14™ (JF14) is made with SierraSil®, a pure, 100% all natural mineral powder containing a wide array of macro and trace minerals in a rich clay structure, with natural healing and detoxifying properties. Research suggests that the clay mineral structure of SierraSil® is responsible for its health promoting effects. SierraSil® releases minerals essential to health into the body within two hours of ingestion, enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities. Due to its negatively charged structure, SierraSil® also attracts and binds positively charged toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and other common chemicals, as well as harmful bacteria and viruses facilitating their safe removal from the body. These two processes aid in reducing chronic inflammation in the joints, which helps to ease joint and muscle aches, reduce stiffness and prevent cartilage breakdown associated with exercise and movement*. SierraSil Joint Formula14™ is a safe and effective supplement that can be used by active adults, seniors, athletes and any individual wanting to enhance their body’s natural healing and detoxifying properties.