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WomenSense BodySense Slimming Tea


Weight management means keeping your body weight at a healthy level. Regular exercise plus a healthy diet are crucial when it comes to controlling your weight, but it is not always easy to keep it off. The key to successful weight loss is making changes to your diet and increasing your physical activity.

BodySense Tea is a proven aid to help manage weight gain and assist in burning off pounds when needed. It is a delicious tea that refreshes, while the specially selected slimming formula promotes calorie-burning to enhance your weight loss.

Garcinia cambogia extract: Also known as CitriMax, this excellent weight loss supplement contains standardized levels of hydroxycitric acid, which have been clinically shown to suppress appetite and inhibit fat production, without stimulating the central nervous system. Clinical research has also shown that CitriMax is an all-natural and very effective aid for reducing or maintaining weight.

Hibiscus flowers: Hibiscus flowers are used as a gentle diuretic (ideal if you are retaining water) and for circulation problems.

Chinese Green Tea: Extensive clinical research has shown that green tea helps to suppress appetite as well as play a significant role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Studies have also shown that Chinese green tea increases caloric expenditure (thermogenesis) and it supports fatty acid oxidation, helping you to effectively manage body weight.

Hawthorn berries: Help to reduce water retention by expelling excess salt from the body. Hawthorn Berries have also been used to reduce nervous tension, alleviate insomnia and promote proper digestion.

Malva verticillata leaves: Work to promote optimal performance of the digestive tract.

Parsley root: An effective diuretic and also promotes proper digestion.

Lemon peel: helps the body to cleanse by promoting perspiration and acting as a natural diuretic. Lemons also aid digestion and help to reduce hyperacidity in the stomach.

Citric acid: Helps to enhance proper metabolism. Citric acid also promotes the movement of waste from the body, and it adds a bit of zest to the tea.

Cranberries (fruit pieces): An effective preventive and treatment for bladder infections, cranberries are a source of proanthocyanidins. Cranberries are a gentle diuretic helping to mobilize 'false fat' or excess water retained in cells.